Kat Graham and Laverne Cox attending the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards


Vladimir Nabokov, Ada, or Ardor
Submitted by thespineanditstingle.


Vladimir Nabokov, Ada, or Ardor

Submitted by thespineanditstingle.

"Oblivion of words will form
the exact language for
understanding the glances of
our closed eyes.
= You are here, intangible
and you are all the universe which
I shape into the space of my
room. Your absence springs
trembling in the ticking of the
clock, in the pulse of light;
you breathe through the mirror. From
you to my hands, I caress
your entire body, and I am with
you for a minute and I am with
myself for a moment. And my
blood is the miracle which
runs in the vessels of the air
from my heart to yours."
Frida Kahlo, to Diego from The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-portrait (via thisisendless)







white people’s reactions to that post criticising Lucy makes me so fucking angry. More than that, it makes me trust them a little bit less.

fuck that whole “yes it’s problematic but I’m still excited!” because it is so much bullshit. Yeah, who cares about POC getting slaughtered and the violent linguistic imperialism BECAUSE ~STRONG WHITE FEMALE CHARACTER~. Apparently, POC’s deaths are less rage-inducing and less meaningful to white allies if a white woman is killing them instead of a white man.

To us, it’s still same white violence we see impeached everyday.

A white woman literally shoots a man in the head for not speaking English. Never mind the danger and oppression non-native English speakers face in the West, this took place in his home country. White expats are given so much fucking priority in Taiwan and China, with the way they’re catered to and coddled.

The kind of neo-imperialistic violence that this film is couching as ~female empowerment~ is really, really fucking harmful. White people have privilege in non-Western countries as well (the shit I’ve seen expats and exchange students get away with in China is astounding), to the extent that we aren’t even safe from harm in our own countries; this film not only ignores it, it glorifies it.

don’t you ever fucking forget that, because we can’t.

Part of having privilege means being able to watch and enjoy media that is harmful to marginalised minorities and still be critical of it, but when this dehumanisation is shoved in our faces, white people need to remember that this is so, so personal.

I feel like the bolded needs to have some more emphasis, because that is just SO MUCH BULLSHIT.


waiting for all the white feminists to crow “MISANDRY!!!” 




do they know how stupid they look


im crying omg

"The poison. The poison for Joffrey, the poison specifically chosen to kill Joffrey, Joffrey’s poison. That poison."



first kiss: queer women

this is infinitely cuter than that strangers kiss for a clothing label ad or homophobes hug gay people video

This is so adorable and makes me happy


Coachella 2014
Photo Credit: Robin Harper


Coachella 2014

Photo Credit: Robin Harper


white people willingly refrain from throwing around ‘voldemort’ but start a earthquake when they’re told ‘n-gga’ isn’t for them


• a transphobic woman is not a feminist
• a racist woman is not a feminist
• a homophobic woman is not a feminist
• an ableist woman is not a feminist
• exclusionary feminism is not feminism


Samuel Cirnansck S/S 2015


Samuel Cirnansck S/S 2015

Nicki Minaj outfit for MTV movie awards 2014